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As 2012 dawns, a new interest in Yasuní-ITT. Felix Salmon at Reuters thinks it’s a pretty good idea.


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The world is discussing this proposal in its varied ways.


It’s happening.

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The official documents affirming the relationship between the Ecuadorian government and the United Nations Development Programme have been signed. The news is spreading around a bit. This is very exciting.


A flurry of reports, including government sources, have confirmed that the Yasuní-ITT proposal will be signed on August 3rd. They even give a place and an exact time: 11am in the Hero’s Room.

Maria Fernanda Espinosa announced to Efe on Friday that the contract would be signed on that date with the UNDP, that the report is 200 pages long, and that it will make Ecuador a “post-petroleum” country. (Radio Sucre)

The papers will make the agreement between the UNDP and Ecuador official. After that there’s the task of procuring the money that will allow Ecuador to keep the oil underground. Germany is so far the only country to have promised an exact amount, while at least 50 other countries have expressed interest in contributing. (Even the US, in the wake of the BP spill, wants to be a part of it.)

Espinosa added that Nigeria and Guatemala want to try the initiative in their own countries.

So keep your eyes open next Tuesday. This is the most exact information we’ve received regarding the signing of these documents. If it happens it may be a great step towards a “post-petroleum” world.


On July 22 Maria Fernanda Espinosa announced that the proposal will be signed on August 3, 2010 at 10:45. Date and time.

Today she confirmed this and specified changes to the structure of the financial and political mechanisms in the proposal that the new committee has made over the past few months. These changes concern “Ecuador’s sovereign right to decide” the “process of participation”  and the “definition of priorities” of the initiative.

She added finally that it’s unclear when the funds would begin coming in, but that the most important thing is that there is a financial mechanism in place to begin that process.

(Telegrafo, CN plus Peru, EcuaVisa)


Daniel Grossman reports on the Initiative for PRI. A good summary and wonderful to have the word out about ITT.